It all starts with a phone conversation. We want to get to know you. Your goals, your wish list, your lifestyle, your schedule, your budget, we want to know everything.  Fit is important to us. When we are there, we determine what is important to you and with a clear expectation, we move forward with a comprehensive approach to building your new backyard.


We visit your property to gather detailed measurements, elevations,  photographs, and site-specific notes.   This is where we act as your construction consultant. With our well-trained eye, we will propose a design and layout that we believe fits all the criteria previously set in motion.  A high quality 3D conceptual plan is rendered and prepared for you. Collaborating together helps hone in the design which in turn sets up the project scope, schedule, and of course the budget. Details matter to us and they matter in your design.  Once the design is agreed upon and a detailed proposal is released, you will be left with an in-depth understanding of exactly what you should expect through our process, from pre-construction to your move into the new space.


Once the design/proposal/agreement is digitally accepted through our software program from the comfort of your home, we get busy creating your construction drawings. This set of plans can be anywhere from 11 – 30 or more pages depending on the scope of the project. Once three different sets of eyes (and minds) have internally looked over and approved the plans we hand them off to a third party engineer firm for their approval and stamp.  We then sprint to the permit office in your jurisdiction so we can get in their (typically) lengthy approval process. While we are waiting for the permit approval, your project is on our build schedule and with every day that passes we get a little closer to the start. This is a perfect time to log into our client portal and go through the project selections. You will be able to decide on every option of the project from material and color selection to fit/finish. Most of our clients have a ton of fun with this. We hope you do as well.


We’ve got our permit in hand and now its time to make it happen! We will set up a pre-construction walk a week out – to go over the project one last time before we break ground. During the permit process, we hope you will use your app and log into the client portal where you can find all the chosen selections, schedule, information, and documents related to your project.
This can be an exciting time so sit back and relax. Our master craftsmen will bring the design concept to life. Let’s be honest, construction has hiccups, our team will work as hard as humanly possible to ensure you have the best experience during this build.