Stone patio with fireplace

A beautifully constructed patio quickly becomes the centerpiece for outdoor living and entertainment.

A beautifully constructed patio quickly becomes the centerpiece for outdoor living and entertainment. Whatever your wish, whether it’s a small intimate setting or a grand gathering space with multiple levels, staircases, bench seating, and an outdoor cooking station, we can design and build a custom creation that brings charm and elegance to your backyard experience.

Personalize your patio creation by choosing from a variety of building materials, including stone, ceramic and tile. Add the serenity of a waterfall or a little bit of nighttime pizzazz with subtle outdoor lighting. Accent your patio with lush plants and landscaping that creates a serene outdoor sanctuary, or add a pergola for a cozy and shady retreat. The possibilities are endless.

Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living

Fireplace inside a screen porch

The Art of Creating Outdoor Living Spaces

Open up your home to the Great Outdoors! Let Decksouth transform your backyard into a beautiful natural oasis. You and your family will enjoy a whole new world that combines sunlight and fresh air with all the comforts of home.

If you can dream it, Decksouth can build it. We’ll create a customized plan that fits your lifestyle and blends in naturally with your backyard. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination: masonry walls and stonework, outdoor cooking stations, fire pits, custom fireplaces and more. Here are some of our more popular projects.



Trex Transcend composite deck


Building a better deck starts with using the best materials. That’s the reason Decksouth pioneered the use of Brazilian hardwoods in the Atlanta market. No other wood offers such an appealing combination of strength, style and durability. Whether it’s Brazilian walnut (IPE), Brazilian cherry (Jatoba) or Brazilian ash (Garapa), these hardwoods are extremely dense and tightly grained. They naturally resist rot, decay, splinters or fire without any chemical treatments. Because each board features subtle variations in grain and color, each deck is a one-of-a-kind creation. And the rich, bold and vivid colors of Brazilian hardwood create a “wow” factor that our customers love.



If building a low-maintenance deck is a high priority, Decksouth has the answer. We’re experts in the use of man-made decking materials (composites), with 16+ years of experience. Thanks to recent advancements in technology, such as cellular foam PVC and cap stock decking, today’s low-maintenance decks feature a 25-year fade and stain warranty as well as rich color options and realistic grain patterns that deliver a natural look.



Pressure Treated

Here in the southeastern United States, there’s no shortage of pressure-treated pine material. But building a deck with this kind of commonplace material just didn’t meet our high Decksouth standards. So we found a major wood treater on the East Coast with over 50 years of experience treating and drying wood, and asked them to develop an advanced pine decking we’d be proud to offer our customers. It features a clear grain, and a KDAT (Kiln Dried After Treatment) surface, which reduces the cupping, twisting, warping, shrinking and large cracks that occur all too frequently with ordinary pressure-treated pine.



A Decksouth watertight deck can double your outdoor living space by adding a second area underneath, kept dry and snug by a hidden water-removal system. Use the space for extra storage, create a custom outdoor kitchen or enjoy a cozy sitting area. The choice is yours, with a wide range of ceiling finishes and electrical options available to bring all the comforts of indoor living outside.



Gable screen porch

We hear it all the time:

“Our new Decksouth porch is our favorite room in the house.” Whether you choose a screened-in sunroom, a shady covered porch, or a wraparound design, a Decksouth porch expands your living space, increases the value of your home and adds a distinctive design that seamlessly matches your home’s architecture.

To complement your home, taste and budget, Decksouth offers a variety of finishes, ranging from natural woods to painted PVC. And by adding recessed lighting, ceiling fans, electrical outlets, or even a large-screen television inset, you can bring all the amenities of home to your new outdoor room!